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In Politic on December 25, 2010 at 3:39 am

“Italian officials believe anarchists may have carried out parcel bomb attacks on two embassies in Rome as acts of revenge. Two members of staff were hurt, one seriously, in the blasts at the Swiss and Chilean missions on Thursday.” …..”A ministry official suggested the Swiss had been targeted because they had co-operated with Italy, arresting several anarchists earlier this year.”………”Investigators have revealed the contents of a blackened note found at the scene of the Chilean embassy blast.
The message was signed by the “Lambros Fountas Cell” of the Informal Federation of Anarchy (FAI). Lambros Fountas was a Greek anarchist killed in a shoot-out with Athens police in March 2010″….. BBC News

How can this act of bombing help the anarchists? It does not. It is an act of thoughtless retaliation. Misdirected militant anarchists will never co-op the greater populace, thus they are nihilists and not anarchists. Methodologies of resistance and dissent have evolved past the ignorance of unnecessary violence. Do not mis-understand me, anarchists are right to defend themselves. In this instance, it is how the anarchists decided to exact justice. Was justice served? Did it provide education or co-op anyone to the politics of change? I think not. It was counter-revolutionary and needs to be dismissed as such. Any other anarchists thinking of using bombs as political weapon best think again, your not an anarchist if you do, your a nihilist in your own dystopia. Kropotkin, Bakunin, where did they mention the idea of murder and mayhem being used as a tool for political advancement? They didn’t and you should heed their words.

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Net Neutrality

In Politic on December 22, 2010 at 7:10 am

Net neutrality rules have just been set forth this week by the FCC in the USA. There are some obvious concerns about any rule set being applied to Internet users and ISP’s where previously no rule set existed. For the record many ISP’s already throttle application and user bandwidth, prioritize protocols and block access to some services. The problem is when large ISP’s filter and throttle traffic to suit their profit and political motives, by promoting their services on their network and slowing the competitions products and services, this becomes a serious threat to the Internet as a whole. The idea to create competition by allowing ISP’s to set quality of service levels of competitive products is patently unfair to end users and other service providers. As it stands today, no service provider dares apply onerous interference of a competitors services for fear of a law suit. With the proposed rules competing ISP’s can begin to play games with the quality of service from one and other, but even before these rules are due to be implemented they are headed for the courts. The legal process could take years or an act of Congress to settle the fight. In either case, the rules proposed are the beginning of a divide and conquer strategy of the small and medium sized IPS’s by industry giants. In the mean time the industry is going beef up their legal teams and scrap it out in court. The Internet is the last bastion of free speech, free press and free association, it requires protections from corporations and government interference. I feel that no interference, complete net neutrality is the only option. The customers of these ISP’s better get involved in this fight soon or risk losing consumer protections and free speech, it is not about corporate rights, its about your rights to use the Internet in an unfettered way.

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Anonymous and the Future

In Politic on December 19, 2010 at 7:11 pm

Anonymous is an enigma to the plutocracy and anyone who is not aware of ‘it’. The ‘it’, is you and me, we are Anonymous.  It, “Anonymous” are everyday people who are politically active and wish have their voice heard, to stand up for basic human rights, freedoms and any other cause that can reach the consciousness of the many who are ‘Anonymous’. The most fascinating component of this idea is that it crosses all ideological boundaries. From the far left to the libertarian right seem active in the recent protests by ‘Anonymous’. The only political group I found against Anonymous came from the far right of the political spectrum. The largest contingent of supporters for the recent protests in support of WikiLeaks has clearly been people of the political center. This is very encouraging, it has been a very long time since I can remember a political movement crossing so many ideological boundaries. Essentially the fight for net neutrality, free press, free speech and free association should cover the entire political spectrum but not surprising the right-wing plutocracy in the USA is dead set against it. The servile media in USA operates as worlds best propaganda system ever devised. With this in mind, Anonymous is necessary and is now a fact of life. Anonymous is alive and well, the plutocracy seems old, fearful and fragile, a new generation is preparing to take power from the plutocracy. The plutocracy has served the youth a death sentence of perpetual war, perpetual debt and perpetual lies. The new generation is aware and rightfully angry with the plutocracy. Anonymous holds the power to make the plutocrats accountable and it seems to me we are all preparing for the change. As WikiLeaks proves to be the only reliable source of fact based news (nothing like actual leaked documents from the source for the facts), the plutocracy is looking at ways to retaliate. If they have not learned anything over the past few weeks is that any retaliation against people’s freedoms will be met with an aggressive protest that will further undo the plutocrats grip. Anonymous is in a wrestle with plutocracy for all the marbles, the plutocrats will lose, it’s just a matter of time.

For more information on Anonymous check out these sites and join the discussion. Also, enjoy the YouTube videos, forums and links.

Operation Paper Storm

In Politic on December 17, 2010 at 12:36 am

Protest against the plutocracy!

Operation Paper Storm

Free Press and WikiLeaks

In Politic on December 15, 2010 at 6:33 pm

The latest news I found interesting is a letter from the Columbia School of Journalism asking the Obama administration to respect WikiLeaks rights to exist and publish. The letter was signed by many of the staff at the Columbia School of Journalism, they stated that the letter was not a reflection of the Universities opinion but reflects the opinions of the many who signed the letter. It is amazing the reaction of the Obama administration, if anything should be embarrassing to the USA, it is their deplorable attitude towards a free press, free speech and free association. The US Federal government is trying to destroy WikiLeaks without consideration of its own constitution. After the Patriot Act, this new policy to destroy a free press clearly shows the USA has no respect for its own principles. Many people worldwide and a few US citizen have felt for a long time the USA has at least one wheel in the ditch and rightly so. The fascist plutocracy runs the show and that is what the USA has become. It is nothing more than lies, white-collar crime and coercion which in turn needs to be treated as treason against people of the USA and humanity in general. The USA’s policies affect everyone on the planet and that is why I suggest the USA is committing treason for divorcing its constitution and its ideals, this affects all of humanity. The plutocracy would not be fighting against WikiLeaks with such ferocity unless they know that some of the yet to be released cables are so damaging that it might rip the face off the plutocracy and cause its death. So, the harder the plutocracy fights against a free press is a direct reflection of their fear and fragile state. The plutocracy is on the run, perpetual failed wars, perpetual debt, it appears that the USA is about to implode, the bigger they are the harder they fall.

There appears to be continuous action by some Hacktivist, VOA reported that Hacktivists on Tuesday caused the Swedish Prosecution Authority’s website to crash, pulling it down for almost 11 hours. This Hacktivism is likely to continue until the US government backs down and respects its own constitution, this is not likely to happen. The Hacktivist protests will continue for some time.

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Anonymous Hacktivist Resources

In Cyber War, Politic on December 13, 2010 at 4:32 am

As the plutocracy mounts its counter attack I will attempt to keep this information up to date. The Anonymous activist blog that can be found at .  On 121210, A new strategy called Operation LeakSpin was declared. The new strategy calls for the public to re-publish the leaks in a variety of ways. The fact is some leaks have already been published and the others, the leaks that are not published are in the hands of several newspapers. This makes me think the ‘leaks’ are safe. The Leaks and data contained will see the light of day. The ‘Anonymous’ activists have moved from a successful strategy using LOIC attacks to the new strategy of LeakSpin. In my opinion the new strategy will do nothing to change the situation but waste time. However the blog has good information and videos that support the cause and the activists seem motivated. The Anonymous activists have a Twitter account at!/anonops . I have not seen the FaceBook AnonOps site yet. The YouTube videos are a must see, . 121310 – has been shut down. An old irc server list was at has been shut down, 0100utc 121410.

Working IRC 121410 1837utc

> Off line IRC as of last visit at 2020utc 121410


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Cyber War Refuels

In Cyber War on December 11, 2010 at 10:49 pm

There has been a lull in the cyber attacks in defense of the free press with the exception of the Netherlands. Reports are in about the hacktivist attack on a Dutch prosecutors web site and Dutch police web site today. A second hacktivist, from Amsterdam was arrested a few hours ago as reports from the Netherlands continue to arrive. The 16 year old man who was arrested a few days ago appears to have confessed under duress. The 16 year old man according to Dutch police admitted he supports a free press and the rights of WikiLeaks. As both sides, the public and the plutocracy begin to stare one and other down as to the fate of the free press, the public has been arming itself. Reports of many thousands of downloads regarding hacking tool kits, such as Low Orbit Ion Canon  and Slowloris amongst many others suggest clearly that the public is arming for a potential fight. A few programmers with the capabilities are building hacktivist tools for the general public and those tool kits are expected to be released soon. The Cyber arms race is on. This activism that is being generated in the fight for free speech knows no bounds. The fascist plutocracy has stepped over the line and the public is pissed about it. The plutocracy has never been more fragile, the plutocrats are in the midst of a complete failure of the capitalist system and they face military defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan. The fascist plutocracy has very few options left, perpetual war has allowed them to steal our basic rights, now they have nearly everything an oligarchy could hope for, then they go after WikiLeaks, the free press. The only option the fascist plutocracy has is a further clampdown on human rights, the free press, free speech, free association and freedom. The war is on. This is a fight for human rights and justice. Its time our current political system evolves or dies. Either way things are going to change.

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Cyber War or Not?

In Cyber War on December 11, 2010 at 4:36 am

The latest information on the cyber war against the plutocracy is vague, it is ambiguous and the speculation is rampant of when a cyber attack will be launched. It does appear that many hacktivists are prepared to fight but are looking for some kind of battlefield leadership. By all appearances there is no organized effort but rather a large number disparate  hacktivists waiting for some direction. As the hacktivists prepare for the next battle, it is my opinion that only a sustained effort, an effort that can build in size and momentum over a short period of time (a few days) to overwhelm the enemy will have a chance of victory. Anything half assed will destroy the hacktivists upper hand.  A sustained effort keeps the opponent reeling and without much time to evolve a defense, let alone figure out a counter attack. The plutocrats are now working hard to identify hacktivists from the last conflagrations. The Plutocrats counter attack will come in the form of police raids and jail time for hacktivists. The current hacktivists are desperate for direction and only by acting in concert they can send a clear message. They are better protected when working in concert, this allows for better anonymity and makes problems for the plutocrats legal system to exact revenge.

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Wikileaks Cyber War Over for Now

In Politic on December 10, 2010 at 6:57 pm

It appears the ‘anonymous’ group attacking the plutocracy for the treatment of WikiLeaks has stopped for now. The Low Orbit Ion Canons are on hold. Why? I am not entirely sure. It appears it was for political attention only and not a sustained battle. It makes me wonder why start a Cyber war if your not going to finish it. This has left the plutocracy in the driver seat today. The ‘anonymous’  hacktivists showed their attack strategy and dropped it, the plutocracy will now take the time to review any logs and prepare for the arrests. It is only a sustained offensive that grows and becomes overwhelming over a short period of time that can win. Otherwise your opponent will evolve and prepare a counter attack. Cyber war strategy is rather blunt or its not, on or off. For now most of the shooting has stopped but that can change in a nanosecond. This whole episode has radicalized many people against the plutocracy. Many WikiLeaks supporters are waiting for the other shoe to drop and declare Cyber war again. Also, many WikiLeaks supporters have been looking at who is the Jester? Yes, – the anti-WikiLeaks hack attacker that has brought WikiLeaks down. Jester is a former US Army hack who is now a US privateer. The level of his sophistication is good and what can be determined from his own words he hates anti-American free speech and free press. I strongly suspect he is directly supported by RightWing political interests in the USA. His tool, XerXes has inspired many others to build a Cyber War tool kit for themselves and make it public domain. It is funny that in the USA you can carry a hand gun but to have code that can shoot packets at a web server is illegal. I think the founders of the Nation would approve of citizens owning  a Cyber Gun to defend from tyranny as much as they approved of the powder and ball thunder stick.  Everyone should have their own LOIC or XerXes just to level the playing field, for the sake of democracy and human rights. Owning code that can take out a server is nothing, using that code is something.

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Plutocrats Cry ‘Kill Him’!

In Politic on December 10, 2010 at 5:50 am

It seems that the worst characteristics of fascism is taking hold in many politicians such as Sarah Palin, Joe Lieberman, among others who are calling for the assassination of Julian Assange. This vitrolic fascist  noise coming from ‘mainstream’ US politicians and media is not going unnoticed. The hypocrisy is in your face. The next time a politician talks about open government and transparency in government, I will think of WikiLeaks. The next time I hear a politician talk about democracy, I will think about WikiLeaks and freedom of the press.  The fascist plutocrats attitude is that if one can not get their political way, they should simply kill for it. This type of hate mongering is psychological war against those who think otherwise. Essentially bullying with the power to kill. The fascist plutocracy and police state known as the USA is the most vile plutocracy on Earth. I do feel optimistic with recent events unfolding that demonstrates some people do have democratic ideals and believe in doing the right thing by revealing government secrets and attacking those who are against the free press. Hactivism changes the game and the plutocrats know it. It seems to me that the best way to protest anything anymore is to use Cyber warfare to get your message out. No longer do we need to breath tear gas, dodge rubber bullets or any hand to hand combat at G20 or WTO meetings. The new way is clear, clean and proven effective.

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