Wikileaks Cyber War Over for Now

In Politic on December 10, 2010 at 6:57 pm

It appears the ‘anonymous’ group attacking the plutocracy for the treatment of WikiLeaks has stopped for now. The Low Orbit Ion Canons are on hold. Why? I am not entirely sure. It appears it was for political attention only and not a sustained battle. It makes me wonder why start a Cyber war if your not going to finish it. This has left the plutocracy in the driver seat today. The ‘anonymous’  hacktivists showed their attack strategy and dropped it, the plutocracy will now take the time to review any logs and prepare for the arrests. It is only a sustained offensive that grows and becomes overwhelming over a short period of time that can win. Otherwise your opponent will evolve and prepare a counter attack. Cyber war strategy is rather blunt or its not, on or off. For now most of the shooting has stopped but that can change in a nanosecond. This whole episode has radicalized many people against the plutocracy. Many WikiLeaks supporters are waiting for the other shoe to drop and declare Cyber war again. Also, many WikiLeaks supporters have been looking at who is the Jester? Yes, – the anti-WikiLeaks hack attacker that has brought WikiLeaks down. Jester is a former US Army hack who is now a US privateer. The level of his sophistication is good and what can be determined from his own words he hates anti-American free speech and free press. I strongly suspect he is directly supported by RightWing political interests in the USA. His tool, XerXes has inspired many others to build a Cyber War tool kit for themselves and make it public domain. It is funny that in the USA you can carry a hand gun but to have code that can shoot packets at a web server is illegal. I think the founders of the Nation would approve of citizens owning  a Cyber Gun to defend from tyranny as much as they approved of the powder and ball thunder stick.  Everyone should have their own LOIC or XerXes just to level the playing field, for the sake of democracy and human rights. Owning code that can take out a server is nothing, using that code is something.

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