Cyber War or Not?

In Cyber War on December 11, 2010 at 4:36 am

The latest information on the cyber war against the plutocracy is vague, it is ambiguous and the speculation is rampant of when a cyber attack will be launched. It does appear that many hacktivists are prepared to fight but are looking for some kind of battlefield leadership. By all appearances there is no organized effort but rather a large number disparate  hacktivists waiting for some direction. As the hacktivists prepare for the next battle, it is my opinion that only a sustained effort, an effort that can build in size and momentum over a short period of time (a few days) to overwhelm the enemy will have a chance of victory. Anything half assed will destroy the hacktivists upper hand.  A sustained effort keeps the opponent reeling and without much time to evolve a defense, let alone figure out a counter attack. The plutocrats are now working hard to identify hacktivists from the last conflagrations. The Plutocrats counter attack will come in the form of police raids and jail time for hacktivists. The current hacktivists are desperate for direction and only by acting in concert they can send a clear message. They are better protected when working in concert, this allows for better anonymity and makes problems for the plutocrats legal system to exact revenge.

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