Cyber War Refuels

In Cyber War on December 11, 2010 at 10:49 pm

There has been a lull in the cyber attacks in defense of the free press with the exception of the Netherlands. Reports are in about the hacktivist attack on a Dutch prosecutors web site and Dutch police web site today. A second hacktivist, from Amsterdam was arrested a few hours ago as reports from the Netherlands continue to arrive. The 16 year old man who was arrested a few days ago appears to have confessed under duress. The 16 year old man according to Dutch police admitted he supports a free press and the rights of WikiLeaks. As both sides, the public and the plutocracy begin to stare one and other down as to the fate of the free press, the public has been arming itself. Reports of many thousands of downloads regarding hacking tool kits, such as Low Orbit Ion Canon  and Slowloris amongst many others suggest clearly that the public is arming for a potential fight. A few programmers with the capabilities are building hacktivist tools for the general public and those tool kits are expected to be released soon. The Cyber arms race is on. This activism that is being generated in the fight for free speech knows no bounds. The fascist plutocracy has stepped over the line and the public is pissed about it. The plutocracy has never been more fragile, the plutocrats are in the midst of a complete failure of the capitalist system and they face military defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan. The fascist plutocracy has very few options left, perpetual war has allowed them to steal our basic rights, now they have nearly everything an oligarchy could hope for, then they go after WikiLeaks, the free press. The only option the fascist plutocracy has is a further clampdown on human rights, the free press, free speech, free association and freedom. The war is on. This is a fight for human rights and justice. Its time our current political system evolves or dies. Either way things are going to change.

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