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In Cyber War, Politic on December 13, 2010 at 4:32 am

As the plutocracy mounts its counter attack I will attempt to keep this information up to date. The Anonymous activist blog that can be found at .  On 121210, A new strategy called Operation LeakSpin was declared. The new strategy calls for the public to re-publish the leaks in a variety of ways. The fact is some leaks have already been published and the others, the leaks that are not published are in the hands of several newspapers. This makes me think the ‘leaks’ are safe. The Leaks and data contained will see the light of day. The ‘Anonymous’ activists have moved from a successful strategy using LOIC attacks to the new strategy of LeakSpin. In my opinion the new strategy will do nothing to change the situation but waste time. However the blog has good information and videos that support the cause and the activists seem motivated. The Anonymous activists have a Twitter account at!/anonops . I have not seen the FaceBook AnonOps site yet. The YouTube videos are a must see, . 121310 – has been shut down. An old irc server list was at has been shut down, 0100utc 121410.

Working IRC 121410 1837utc

> Off line IRC as of last visit at 2020utc 121410


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