Free Press and WikiLeaks

In Politic on December 15, 2010 at 6:33 pm

The latest news I found interesting is a letter from the Columbia School of Journalism asking the Obama administration to respect WikiLeaks rights to exist and publish. The letter was signed by many of the staff at the Columbia School of Journalism, they stated that the letter was not a reflection of the Universities opinion but reflects the opinions of the many who signed the letter. It is amazing the reaction of the Obama administration, if anything should be embarrassing to the USA, it is their deplorable attitude towards a free press, free speech and free association. The US Federal government is trying to destroy WikiLeaks without consideration of its own constitution. After the Patriot Act, this new policy to destroy a free press clearly shows the USA has no respect for its own principles. Many people worldwide and a few US citizen have felt for a long time the USA has at least one wheel in the ditch and rightly so. The fascist plutocracy runs the show and that is what the USA has become. It is nothing more than lies, white-collar crime and coercion which in turn needs to be treated as treason against people of the USA and humanity in general. The USA’s policies affect everyone on the planet and that is why I suggest the USA is committing treason for divorcing its constitution and its ideals, this affects all of humanity. The plutocracy would not be fighting against WikiLeaks with such ferocity unless they know that some of the yet to be released cables are so damaging that it might rip the face off the plutocracy and cause its death. So, the harder the plutocracy fights against a free press is a direct reflection of their fear and fragile state. The plutocracy is on the run, perpetual failed wars, perpetual debt, it appears that the USA is about to implode, the bigger they are the harder they fall.

There appears to be continuous action by some Hacktivist, VOA reported that Hacktivists on Tuesday caused the Swedish Prosecution Authority’s website to crash, pulling it down for almost 11 hours. This Hacktivism is likely to continue until the US government backs down and respects its own constitution, this is not likely to happen. The Hacktivist protests will continue for some time.

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