Anonymous and the Future

In Politic on December 19, 2010 at 7:11 pm

Anonymous is an enigma to the plutocracy and anyone who is not aware of ‘it’. The ‘it’, is you and me, we are Anonymous.  It, “Anonymous” are everyday people who are politically active and wish have their voice heard, to stand up for basic human rights, freedoms and any other cause that can reach the consciousness of the many who are ‘Anonymous’. The most fascinating component of this idea is that it crosses all ideological boundaries. From the far left to the libertarian right seem active in the recent protests by ‘Anonymous’. The only political group I found against Anonymous came from the far right of the political spectrum. The largest contingent of supporters for the recent protests in support of WikiLeaks has clearly been people of the political center. This is very encouraging, it has been a very long time since I can remember a political movement crossing so many ideological boundaries. Essentially the fight for net neutrality, free press, free speech and free association should cover the entire political spectrum but not surprising the right-wing plutocracy in the USA is dead set against it. The servile media in USA operates as worlds best propaganda system ever devised. With this in mind, Anonymous is necessary and is now a fact of life. Anonymous is alive and well, the plutocracy seems old, fearful and fragile, a new generation is preparing to take power from the plutocracy. The plutocracy has served the youth a death sentence of perpetual war, perpetual debt and perpetual lies. The new generation is aware and rightfully angry with the plutocracy. Anonymous holds the power to make the plutocrats accountable and it seems to me we are all preparing for the change. As WikiLeaks proves to be the only reliable source of fact based news (nothing like actual leaked documents from the source for the facts), the plutocracy is looking at ways to retaliate. If they have not learned anything over the past few weeks is that any retaliation against people’s freedoms will be met with an aggressive protest that will further undo the plutocrats grip. Anonymous is in a wrestle with plutocracy for all the marbles, the plutocrats will lose, it’s just a matter of time.

For more information on Anonymous check out these sites and join the discussion. Also, enjoy the YouTube videos, forums and links.


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