In Politic on December 25, 2010 at 3:39 am

“Italian officials believe anarchists may have carried out parcel bomb attacks on two embassies in Rome as acts of revenge. Two members of staff were hurt, one seriously, in the blasts at the Swiss and Chilean missions on Thursday.” …..”A ministry official suggested the Swiss had been targeted because they had co-operated with Italy, arresting several anarchists earlier this year.”………”Investigators have revealed the contents of a blackened note found at the scene of the Chilean embassy blast.
The message was signed by the “Lambros Fountas Cell” of the Informal Federation of Anarchy (FAI). Lambros Fountas was a Greek anarchist killed in a shoot-out with Athens police in March 2010″….. BBC News

How can this act of bombing help the anarchists? It does not. It is an act of thoughtless retaliation. Misdirected militant anarchists will never co-op the greater populace, thus they are nihilists and not anarchists. Methodologies of resistance and dissent have evolved past the ignorance of unnecessary violence. Do not mis-understand me, anarchists are right to defend themselves. In this instance, it is how the anarchists decided to exact justice. Was justice served? Did it provide education or co-op anyone to the politics of change? I think not. It was counter-revolutionary and needs to be dismissed as such. Any other anarchists thinking of using bombs as political weapon best think again, your not an anarchist if you do, your a nihilist in your own dystopia. Kropotkin, Bakunin, where did they mention the idea of murder and mayhem being used as a tool for political advancement? They didn’t and you should heed their words.

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