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Anonymous Press Release 1/29/2011

In Politic on January 31, 2011 at 12:59 am

Egypts Revolution

In Politic on January 28, 2011 at 5:18 pm

Egypt has cut itself off from the World. At the moment of writing this there is no Internet communication in the country. It is completely cut off, this is unprecedented. What we do know is that the street battles have escalated, Egypt is on the brink of civil war. Hosni Mubarak’s government is fighting for its life, like never before. The government of Egypt will not be able to keep the Internet off indefinitely, nor will they be able to prevent other forms of communication from leaking out over these terrible days. A new dawn will come and Egypt will begin to set itself free. The cyber freedom fighters, Anonymous is working hard establish out of band communications. It’s difficult, ham radio operators in Europe are standing by but not a peep out of Egypt yet. Most ham radio operators in Egypt are affiliated with the military, Anonymous is working to co-op ex-military or waiting for the military to break ranks with the current government and side with the people. This is the most unstable situation I have seen, nothing like Tunisia, Greece or Iran. In Iran, the brutality and murder quelled the protests and forced dissent underground. In Tunisia, the government was incompetant. In Greece, the government left the dissadents an enclave in Athens, a neighborhood called Anarchia where the government and the police do not venture. Egypt is different, the commitment of the people to create change at all cost will be a historic break and these revolutions are just beginning accross the Mid East. Saudi is scared as is the US, the house of cards is falling. Revolution worldwide is underway one country at a time. There is no turning back, the future is now!

The FBI is Diseased

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The FBI is retaliating on behalf of the plutocracy. They have also asked the Anti-Virus vendors to help by detecting particular tools and they will rat you out for owning free speech compiled code. In this case, they are after the Low Orbit Ion Cannon software (LOIC). Oh well, the FBI are automatons. The evolution of software is always happening and by the time they get their head around this Anonymous will have developed even better tools. LOIC is old school! I shake my head watching the detectives chase their software tales. They can round-up a few people and persecute them, it won’t stop anything. Dissidents do not forget, do not forgive and are legion. The FBI hates free range humans. So, as usual, deny, deny, deny… we were taught well by the politicians whom the FBI works for. What really matters is the truth, WikiLeaks will survive, Anonymous lives, Anonymous gets stronger, the plutocracy and its lackeys get weaker like any old diseased dieing animal, it dies. You can read the FBI’s propaganda, a total waste of time and money at

Message From Anonymous to Egypt

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Press Release
For Immediate Distribution
January 27, 2011

Hello, world.

You are now breathing manually.

Over the last few weeks, North Africans have expressed an ardent desire for liberty, democracy, and justice for both themselves, and for the world. While most in the West responded with a mild interest and cynicism for which our culture has become rightly reviled, Anonymous responded with action. Beginning with Tunisia and continuing on to Egypt, thousands of world citizens have dedicated their lives to securing the liberty of others, providing tools, expertise, and long-sought encouragement to those who have already earned their rights by virtue of fighting for them.

When Tunisians bristled in indignation at the chains that have bound them for far too long, the world was silent. Anonymous was not, and thus the online venues of state propaganda were taken down and in some cases replaced with our own clear message that those who want our help will get it.

When protests erupted upon the occasion of one fruit vendor’s bravery, the media ignored it. Anonymous did not, and thus Tunisians were provided with the Guide to Protecting the North African Revolutions.

When Wikileaks confirmed the cruelty and corruption of the Ben Ali regime, Western governments did nothing. Anonymous organized hundreds of Tunisians directly and thousands more indirectly.

It was the Tunisian people themselves that overcame the tyranny to which they had been subjected. They did so in the context of the digital reformation, with unprecedented assistance provided over a mere few weeks. Others will follow. Some have already begun.

History has consistently taught us that the revolutionary potential of each individual is never to be underestimated. That Mohamed Bouazizi, a simple fruit vendor, could set the flame of democratic change alight throughout the Middle-East surely defied the expectations of those presumptuous enough to believe that they could predict the path of history. We should be both inspired and humbled by the massive potential and responsibility revealed to exist within all of us by the actions of this previously unremarkable man. If he is forgotten, it will merely be due to having been followed by so many others.

All protests such as the ones we have witnessed recently are inevitably wreathed with naysayers and cynics, but there should be no confusion about our intent. Some have described the actions of Anonymous as those of an “armchair revolutionary” sort. Such a description fails to take into account the massive power of communication technology in the modern age. It fails to recognise that the age of mass communication and information exchange has opened up a frontier of possibilities, for both those in authority and the people of the world. It inaccurately characterises the efforts of Anonymous as ineffectual and insinuates that the Egyptian people have gained nothing from our support. This is untrue, as Anonymous has been helping to spread information pertinent to the well-being of Egyptian protesters just as it has been attacking the administration’s means of efficient communication. Both techniques are designed to increase the effectiveness of the protesters and decrease the ability of the Egyptian authority to stifle them.

That the Egyptian regime has reacted to the yearning of its citizens by shutting down the nation’s communications is the smoking gun that should tell the world that communications are the key to liberty. That we live in the communications age should, and has been, of great alarm to all who love their power more than their people, or who consider themselves to be the only ones capable of governing the world around them. That they have failed to provide any real security should remind all concerned that such people are not only unnecessary to true security, but a perpetual threat to same.

Anonymous is a machine that harnesses the talent that other, lesser institutions often fail to acknowledge or incorporate. Man is a creature that builds institutions and thereafter loses his grip on them. Anonymous cures institutions that are dying and destroys institutions that ought to have died long ago.

All significant human activity is the result of human collaboration – including this very press release. And the means by which humans may collaborate has exploded – not expanded, not increased, but exploded – in such a way as to allow any man on earth to talk and work with any other man.

Such issues will be explored soon enough. In the meantime, we demand that all normal communications be restored to the people of Egypt by January 29th, 12:00 midnight, Eastern Standard Time. That we have occasion to make such a demand in the first place should be enough to convince all good men that the world needs revolution. That we have made it in full view of all men should be enough to convince them that we now have the means to back it up – not just against this regime, but against any and all parties that continue to prop it up even after it has conceded that the truth is its enemy.

Cyber War Declared on Egypt

In Politic on January 27, 2011 at 3:33 am

A cyber war has been declared today on Egypt. The free speech cyber warriors are Anonymous and simply put, they will break the barriers of Internet censorship established by the Egyptian government. I won’t discuss methods and procedures, but it is a formidable force of high tech free speech warriors that will rival any nation state or corporation in its ability to fight cyber war. It is clearly understood by those involved in the fight that the outcome of any revolution is uncertain. In all likelihood the Muslim Brotherhood will take power upon the fall of Hosni Mubarak dictatorship in Egypt. This is not the preferred outcome for any free speech advocate but this change is only the beginning of greater change. Anonymous does not fight one type of dystopian government to substitute another but understands this fight for universal freedoms will take years if not decades. Anonymous has found support within Egypt and this support will continue until real freedom is found. Anonymous only works and fights for a free market of ideas, universal freedoms without the threat of violence is the ideal. Anonymous will take advantage of the current chaos and tyranny created by the government of Egypt and use its ferocity as a catalyst for change. This change will create the opportunity to plant the seeds of ideas that have been suppressed by the Egyptian government. Let this be a warning to any tyrannical government who thinks with hubris that they are untouchable, you are not and Anonymous is coming for you.

Breaking Slavery

In Politic on January 27, 2011 at 3:14 am

The plutocracy in the USA is increasingly frightened by the likelihood of a further financial meltdown and the publics non-acceptance of the terms imposed by the governments perpetual debt. This imposed threat of financial hardship is being taken out on the middle class. The problems in cities like Detroit, high unemployment and criminality has spread throughout the nation. The middle class is under attack from all angles, the banking system is corrupt, families have been sold the idea that high interest rates are acceptable. Whether it is credit cards, lines of credit, mortgages, car payments and other consumer credit loan shark schemes have left the average adult perilously in debt. This debt coupled with government debt makes for a bankrupt society. The populace is waking up to a real nightmare, their children and several generation of children will be paying back today’s government debt. In short, generations of our children are caught in a financially and morally bankrupt system not of their making. What kind of morality are we teaching our children, wage slavery, debt slavery, indentured tax slavery is OK? The children, the youth, the young adults now know that this system is patently unfair, an imposed master /slave morality legislated against them by the artifacts and weapons of the plutocracy. Starting with government, with what authority did our governments plunder national treasuries, spend beyond their means, tax without representation? None! They have no moral authority or any authority to rob future generations in favour of the wealthy class, the plutocrat. These are valid reasons and a rational for revolution. Our systems of government have not and do not protect anyone from being robbed by the white collar criminals, they are tools of oppression. All governments are corrupt institutions, syndicates dealing in favouritism to other syndicates known as corporations or the vested interest. The master / slave morality has been entrenched and is well established that any criticism of the master is met with harsh denunciation in-spite of the facts, the use of soft power such black lists and character assassination is standard operating procedure. If further challenged the fascists will use force, imprisonment, a beating or other significant threat of harm and ultimately murder if they do not get their way. In the case of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, no Western government has charged any of its public officials who have advocated his murder, inciting murder is a crime in the USA, Canada and most countries of the world. This is just another example of the hypocrisy held by the plutocracy, one law for you and another law for them, modern master and slave morality in practice. What does this all mean? It means that we are at a breaking point, with a significant economic failure at hand, several failed wars and the disparity between rich and poor has never been greater in human history. It means that the youth will have no choice but to divorce themselves from their masters, they will organize, they will stand together and fight for their freedoms. No longer can the youth be placated with money and lies, no longer will they stand idle, they refuse to be treated as slaves for the plutocracy. The options become obvious after some thought, the best way to obtain freedom from tyranny is to standup to it and not legitimize the system by voting, to not participate in any way. To find new currency, barter and anything an individual can do to avoid being a tax slave. The system is broke, corrupt and the only way to create change is to divorce it.


In Politic on January 26, 2011 at 7:47 am

A question for our time, during the current resurgence of religious fascism, do we allow the voices of hate rule the debate? Is there enough tolerance in humanity to allow people to express themselves without violence? The ‘politically correct’ are the first sentinels of censorship. By narrowing the debate of what is acceptable the politically correct have become the assassins of free speech. The politically correct are the first to rat you out or to make sure someone else is offended by your free speech. It is not any different than sharing opinions with a closes friend, just to have someone snoop or listen in and then only later make moral judgments based on the difference of opinion. My point is, the politically correct are not involved in the conversation but are mindless reactionaries based on their own self-interest. Recently in Canada, the rock and roll band, The Dire Straits have a song from 1985 that was censored for using the word ‘Faggot’. In the USA this year, the novels of Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer had to drop the word ‘Nigger’ and replace it with the word ‘Slave’. My first reaction is WHY? And Why can we not teach context and history for what it really is? I don’t use the word Nigger or Fagot, I have no need, these term are dated, derogatory and simply free speech I just don’t use. As free speech, can we not understand context, history and a variety of other factors to grip the intended use of a word. The answer is yes! The politically correct can not distinguish context and history, they are extremists and must be treated as such. They are willing to sick rabid dogs on you for your opinion and if really piss them off, they will threaten you by sending boys in blue clown suits to take you away or worse, they will pull a gun on you. The bottom line is, we have to engage them in a debate, that debate can only be successful if from the onset the two parties agree not use violence over differences of opinion and free speech. You can not debate people who are committed to do you harm if they disagree with your free speech. So, upon a debate I clear the air very early, it can be awkward and dangerous until an agreement of mutual respect is made. It always show the true commitment of whom I am dealing with and to what measure I should take to protect myself. If anyone can not agree to reasonableness and has to resort to violence in order to make a point, they have already lost debate. Its best not to break bread with those who hate freedom.

Anarchist Thought

In Politic on January 24, 2011 at 3:07 am

Anarchy has a rich history. Anarchists from all parts of the world have struggled for peace and the idea that freedom can be universal. An end to the state, an end to capitalism, an end to wage slavery, debt slavery and tax slavery. Its seems to some people that this is radical or fringe political thought, when in fact, there has been active Anarchists for more than 100 years. Anarchist thought is emerging again as we have seen the death of communism, socialism and capitalism are beginning its death throes. Socialism requires capitalism to fund and fuel its folly, it won’t be long until those systems completely collapse. We see the plutocracy and fascism as brutal and immoral. Anarchist thought offers insight to real human freedom. Opportunities exist to co-op technology for the purpose of delivering on anarchist ideals. The ability to deliver on decentralized power, transparency and justice. To give everyone a voice in all decisions for the community, to the benefit of the community and not the few. More people are disenfranchised than ever before and more then ever people are receptive to Anarchist thought. It is up to us to share the ideals, because communicating our ideals we begin the process of liberating our fellow human. With this in mind I would like to introduce a great video, ‘Jewish Anarchist ‘. A fabulous history of Anarchist activity in the USA, a must see video for everyone interested in Anarchist thought and history.

Enjoy the video,

Break the State

In Politic on January 22, 2011 at 4:24 am

Break the State. It’s time for an awakening. We need not fear the state. We must stand up against the state.  We must smash the institutions of the state by out thinking them! We must divorce ourselves from the State to kill the state. We must teach our children free thinking. We must be active in all aspects of change by communicating our thoughts and ideas to one and other. This means, to be active in debating the politics of change with everyone we meet. Communicating ideas is the beginning of liberation. Simply, we must set examples of moral conduct, we must instill our attitudes about power. More than ever people are willing to listen. I would like to introduce a short film from Stefan Molyneux, host of Free Domain Radio, titled ‘Statism Is Dead’. If you have not heard or seen Stefan’s work you must visit

Statism Is Dead

Boycott Operation Venezuela

In Politic on January 20, 2011 at 6:03 pm

I regret posting a comment in support of this operation. This operation reeks of CIA involvement! There are better targets!

I understand there are many factions in any group. Why Venezuela? I am told its because of a censorship law and the removal of several twitter accounts. I have verified the new censorship law and like any censorship law it is bad and must be stopped. However, there are worse offenders of censorship, more corrupt and criminal states in the world. This leads me to the question of why Venezuela and not Saudi, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Iran, China and many other countries? The Venezuelan government has been elected several times, they have a democracy. So, Why? In this case the Anonymous operation stinks like the dirty work of others trying to manipulate ‘Anonymous’ to do the wrong thing. The question of targeting or any strategic decision appears to be made by a committee of the few. Anyone can start an Operation under the name of Anonymous, whether it gets support from the movement is another issue. It was argued that the strength of Anonymous is, everyone has the ability to opt out, think for themselves and that is reasonable. What about people’s right to protest the protest within Anonymous? That challenge is more difficult, you don’t win friends in this business, it’s only ideas that win. In irc ‘operation’ rooms free speech is not always tolerated. Like any protest of dissent, the few with power tend to use it, you get booted from the irc server, you put up with a barrage of insults of all flavors, not much different then protesting against the system irl. I think Hugo Chavez is what he is, a politician. Venezuela has an electoral system and his party has won many elections. Hugo Chavez is not the people, Venezuelans can VOTE Hugo Chavez out. In Saudi you can not vote out the Kingdom, in Iran you can not Vote out the theocracy, in China you can not Vote out the commie fascists, in the USA you can not vote out the fascist plutocrats. This takes outside pressure with inside help to force totalitarian governments out. Tunisia was a good example of Anonymous working with people on the inside and it worked! Anonymous risks being manipulated easily by outside forces or the voice of a few. This creates a hypocrisy that can discredit the whole movement. Sometimes the act of a few can ruin it for the whole, where the 1% element is corrupt and discredits the whole movement by its actions. Anonymous must communicate better and act accordingly with its proclaimed values or fade into the oblivion of cultural history. There will always be protest movements, some more successful than others, I only hope Anonymous gets it shit together and finds success.

And, Why Venezuela? I don’t know.

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