Anonymous, “Operation Tunisia”

In Politic on January 16, 2011 at 6:39 am

I have been very busy with Anonymous on Operation Tunisia since my last blog post. Time flies as they say and we all know that is true when your working hard and/or having fun. Its hard not have fun when you follow your bliss. I intend to be more regular with my blog posts as I am learning (newbie) blogging deserves consistency. I have finally taken a deep breath and can now focus on the after math of the work past and look forward to the work anew. I was greatly impressed by the quality of people involved and the overall size of the movement. It struck a chord with me and it struck a chord with many people in Tunisia. The online protests, the organization of digital care packages, the technical capability rivals anything corporations or government can muster. The techniques were masterful and capable, Anonymous is a real force of Good in the world. As many discover when participating, we can make a difference and we do make a difference and that’s no bullshit. Governments already know that Anonymous is a phenomena, growing in scope and capability and this threatens the old guard. The systems of government have not evolved in USA and the UK since their inception, the world has changed greatly since then. Things are changing quickly and the plutocracy is out of step with the people. While it appears the plutocrats are stealing all the silverware and running for the life boats as the economic catastrophe worsens. I digress, let me get back to Tunisia, Tunisians will get continued support from Anonymous, more operations are in the works to support the Tunisian people in transition, ideas are bullet proof. And all the while, more targets are coming to light. The light is bright when Anonymous is focused, they have already helped send one rat dictator scurrying to the dark hole of Saudi Arabia. I wonder who is next.

  1. We,Tunisians,are grateful to Anonymous as we were grateful yo Wikileaks and all the other human righrs movemenrs that backed our militants in the past. Thank you all free men of the World.

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