Boycott Operation Venezuela

In Politic on January 20, 2011 at 6:03 pm

I regret posting a comment in support of this operation. This operation reeks of CIA involvement! There are better targets!

I understand there are many factions in any group. Why Venezuela? I am told its because of a censorship law and the removal of several twitter accounts. I have verified the new censorship law and like any censorship law it is bad and must be stopped. However, there are worse offenders of censorship, more corrupt and criminal states in the world. This leads me to the question of why Venezuela and not Saudi, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Iran, China and many other countries? The Venezuelan government has been elected several times, they have a democracy. So, Why? In this case the Anonymous operation stinks like the dirty work of others trying to manipulate ‘Anonymous’ to do the wrong thing. The question of targeting or any strategic decision appears to be made by a committee of the few. Anyone can start an Operation under the name of Anonymous, whether it gets support from the movement is another issue. It was argued that the strength of Anonymous is, everyone has the ability to opt out, think for themselves and that is reasonable. What about people’s right to protest the protest within Anonymous? That challenge is more difficult, you don’t win friends in this business, it’s only ideas that win. In irc ‘operation’ rooms free speech is not always tolerated. Like any protest of dissent, the few with power tend to use it, you get booted from the irc server, you put up with a barrage of insults of all flavors, not much different then protesting against the system irl. I think Hugo Chavez is what he is, a politician. Venezuela has an electoral system and his party has won many elections. Hugo Chavez is not the people, Venezuelans can VOTE Hugo Chavez out. In Saudi you can not vote out the Kingdom, in Iran you can not Vote out the theocracy, in China you can not Vote out the commie fascists, in the USA you can not vote out the fascist plutocrats. This takes outside pressure with inside help to force totalitarian governments out. Tunisia was a good example of Anonymous working with people on the inside and it worked! Anonymous risks being manipulated easily by outside forces or the voice of a few. This creates a hypocrisy that can discredit the whole movement. Sometimes the act of a few can ruin it for the whole, where the 1% element is corrupt and discredits the whole movement by its actions. Anonymous must communicate better and act accordingly with its proclaimed values or fade into the oblivion of cultural history. There will always be protest movements, some more successful than others, I only hope Anonymous gets it shit together and finds success.

And, Why Venezuela? I don’t know.


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