Break the State

In Politic on January 22, 2011 at 4:24 am

Break the State. It’s time for an awakening. We need not fear the state. We must stand up against the state.  We must smash the institutions of the state by out thinking them! We must divorce ourselves from the State to kill the state. We must teach our children free thinking. We must be active in all aspects of change by communicating our thoughts and ideas to one and other. This means, to be active in debating the politics of change with everyone we meet. Communicating ideas is the beginning of liberation. Simply, we must set examples of moral conduct, we must instill our attitudes about power. More than ever people are willing to listen. I would like to introduce a short film from Stefan Molyneux, host of Free Domain Radio, titled ‘Statism Is Dead’. If you have not heard or seen Stefan’s work you must visit

Statism Is Dead


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