Anarchist Thought

In Politic on January 24, 2011 at 3:07 am

Anarchy has a rich history. Anarchists from all parts of the world have struggled for peace and the idea that freedom can be universal. An end to the state, an end to capitalism, an end to wage slavery, debt slavery and tax slavery. Its seems to some people that this is radical or fringe political thought, when in fact, there has been active Anarchists for more than 100 years. Anarchist thought is emerging again as we have seen the death of communism, socialism and capitalism are beginning its death throes. Socialism requires capitalism to fund and fuel its folly, it won’t be long until those systems completely collapse. We see the plutocracy and fascism as brutal and immoral. Anarchist thought offers insight to real human freedom. Opportunities exist to co-op technology for the purpose of delivering on anarchist ideals. The ability to deliver on decentralized power, transparency and justice. To give everyone a voice in all decisions for the community, to the benefit of the community and not the few. More people are disenfranchised than ever before and more then ever people are receptive to Anarchist thought. It is up to us to share the ideals, because communicating our ideals we begin the process of liberating our fellow human. With this in mind I would like to introduce a great video, ‘Jewish Anarchist ‘. A fabulous history of Anarchist activity in the USA, a must see video for everyone interested in Anarchist thought and history.

Enjoy the video,


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