Cyber War Declared on Egypt

In Politic on January 27, 2011 at 3:33 am

A cyber war has been declared today on Egypt. The free speech cyber warriors are Anonymous and simply put, they will break the barriers of Internet censorship established by the Egyptian government. I won’t discuss methods and procedures, but it is a formidable force of high tech free speech warriors that will rival any nation state or corporation in its ability to fight cyber war. It is clearly understood by those involved in the fight that the outcome of any revolution is uncertain. In all likelihood the Muslim Brotherhood will take power upon the fall of Hosni Mubarak dictatorship in Egypt. This is not the preferred outcome for any free speech advocate but this change is only the beginning of greater change. Anonymous does not fight one type of dystopian government to substitute another but understands this fight for universal freedoms will take years if not decades. Anonymous has found support within Egypt and this support will continue until real freedom is found. Anonymous only works and fights for a free market of ideas, universal freedoms without the threat of violence is the ideal. Anonymous will take advantage of the current chaos and tyranny created by the government of Egypt and use its ferocity as a catalyst for change. This change will create the opportunity to plant the seeds of ideas that have been suppressed by the Egyptian government. Let this be a warning to any tyrannical government who thinks with hubris that they are untouchable, you are not and Anonymous is coming for you.

  1. Free men of the World as it has once been citizen of the World is a prooof that Humanity is ONE and world soludarity is a fact.

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