Egypts Revolution

In Politic on January 28, 2011 at 5:18 pm

Egypt has cut itself off from the World. At the moment of writing this there is no Internet communication in the country. It is completely cut off, this is unprecedented. What we do know is that the street battles have escalated, Egypt is on the brink of civil war. Hosni Mubarak’s government is fighting for its life, like never before. The government of Egypt will not be able to keep the Internet off indefinitely, nor will they be able to prevent other forms of communication from leaking out over these terrible days. A new dawn will come and Egypt will begin to set itself free. The cyber freedom fighters, Anonymous is working hard establish out of band communications. It’s difficult, ham radio operators in Europe are standing by but not a peep out of Egypt yet. Most ham radio operators in Egypt are affiliated with the military, Anonymous is working to co-op ex-military or waiting for the military to break ranks with the current government and side with the people. This is the most unstable situation I have seen, nothing like Tunisia, Greece or Iran. In Iran, the brutality and murder quelled the protests and forced dissent underground. In Tunisia, the government was incompetant. In Greece, the government left the dissadents an enclave in Athens, a neighborhood called Anarchia where the government and the police do not venture. Egypt is different, the commitment of the people to create change at all cost will be a historic break and these revolutions are just beginning accross the Mid East. Saudi is scared as is the US, the house of cards is falling. Revolution worldwide is underway one country at a time. There is no turning back, the future is now!


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