The FBI is Diseased

In Politic on January 28, 2011 at 6:07 am

The FBI is retaliating on behalf of the plutocracy. They have also asked the Anti-Virus vendors to help by detecting particular tools and they will rat you out for owning free speech compiled code. In this case, they are after the Low Orbit Ion Cannon software (LOIC). Oh well, the FBI are automatons. The evolution of software is always happening and by the time they get their head around this Anonymous will have developed even better tools. LOIC is old school! I shake my head watching the detectives chase their software tales. They can round-up a few people and persecute them, it won’t stop anything. Dissidents do not forget, do not forgive and are legion. The FBI hates free range humans. So, as usual, deny, deny, deny… we were taught well by the politicians whom the FBI works for. What really matters is the truth, WikiLeaks will survive, Anonymous lives, Anonymous gets stronger, the plutocracy and its lackeys get weaker like any old diseased dieing animal, it dies. You can read the FBI’s propaganda, a total waste of time and money at


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