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WAR DICTIONARY, By Alexander Berkman

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Text from The Blast, Vol. 2, #5, 6/1/1917
By Alexander Berkman

ALLIES- The fairies of Democracy.
BARBARIANS- The other fellows.
CONGRESS- The valet of Woodrow the First.
CENSORSHIP- The rape of Free Speech.
CONSCRIPTION- Free men fighting against their will.
DEMOCRACY- The voice of the Gallery Gods.
FREE SPEECH- Say what you please, but keep your mouth shut.
HUNS- Loyal patriots from Central Europe.
HUMANITY- Treason to government.
JUSTICE- Successful target shooting.
KAISER- A President’s ambition.
LIBERTY BOND- A bone from a bonehead.
LIBERTY LOAN- The bread line of the Unborn.
LOYAL CITIZEN- Deaf, dumb, and blind.
MILITARISM- Christianity in action.
PATRIOTISM- Hating your neighbor.
REGISTRATION- Funeral march of Liberty.
SEDITION- The proof of Tyranny.
SLACKER- Jesus Christ.
TRENCHES- Digging your own grave.
UN-AMERICAN- Independent opinion.
UNIFORM- Government strait-jacket.
VICTORY- Ten million dead.
WAR- The propaganda of Democracy.

Which is the braver? The man who falls in line with the great majority or he that faces the wrath of millions for conscience sake? Do not confound us with the pacifists. We believe in fighting. Aye, we have been fighting all our lives– fighting injustice, oppression, and tyranny. Almost single handed at that. We are not pacifists. But we want to know what we are fighting for, and we refuse to fight for the enemies and the exploiters of humanity.

-Alexander Berkman


Art – The Funeral of the Anarchist Galli

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The Funeral of the Anarchist Galli, by Italian painter Carlo Carrà 1911

Egypts Constitutional Debate

In Politic on February 26, 2011 at 7:12 pm

Source –

Arabic to English translation by Google Translate
Books: Judge Ahmed, Ahmed Sharif

Has the Constitutional Commission in charge of amending the constitutional articles under the chairmanship of Justice Tarek El Bushra, of the constitutional amendments proposed Taadillagha.

The Chancellor announced the human Chairman of the Committee to amend the constitution, in a press conference held on Saturday, from the articles of the Constitution (after Taadillagha) is as follows:

– Article 75: President of the Republic to stipulate that the candidate must be of Egyptian nationality and Egyptian parents and not be married to foreign women.

Article 76: The President is elected by universal free direct and secret is required to accept the nomination to support the applicant for nomination 30 members of the People’s Assembly and Shura Council or that the candidate receives the support of at least 30 thousand citizens have the right to vote in 15 counties at least so that not less than a thousand supporters in every province, in all cases may not support more than one candidate.

– Article 77: The presidential term of 4 years and only the president has once again Altrchik only (consecutive).

Article 88: The law defines the conditions to be met by members of the People’s Council and the provisions of the election and the referendum and the Graduate Committee is responsible for the formation of a full judicial supervision of elections and the referendum from the registration table the election until the announcement of the result.

Article 93: The powers of the Supreme Constitutional Court to adjudicate in the health office of members of parliament and made appeals to the Court within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of announcement of election results and the Court shall decide the appeal within 90 days, and membership is void from the date of notification of the People’s Court’s decision.

– Article 139: The President of the Republic the appointment of a vice president within 60 days from the beginning of his presidency, and the same applies to the Attorney-conditions for the election of the President.

Article 148: President declares state of emergency in the manner prescribed in the law and this Declaration must be presented to the Council of the People during the seven days following the decision upon it if the declaration was not in session and the obligatory role of the Council’s invitation to convene immediately to show it.

If the parliament is dissolved on the command displays the new council at its first meeting. Must be approved by a majority of members of the Council to declare a state of emergency, and in all cases, the declaration of a state of emergency for a period not exceeding 6 months may not be extended until after the referendum of the people.

– Article 179: Cancellation of the Terrorism Act.

– Article 189: Article has been added to allow her to change the constitution and prepare another constitution in full.

– Article: 189 (bis): Meeting of the People’s Assembly and Shura Council after the elections and the formation of a founding committee to prepare a new constitution for the country.

– Article 189 (bis 1): The Shura Council is meeting its members elected only until the appointment of President of the Republic and sets the other third of its members.

The present constitutional articles modified to the Supreme Council of the armed forces will then be presented to the people for a referendum.

Egyptian Revolution Constitution

In Politic on February 26, 2011 at 6:03 pm

Reform, I hate that word. I am more at ease with incrementalism when it comes to political change and the human condition. I listened to AJE, the reporters and commentators siding with statism, suggestions that constitutional change in Egypt is moving ahead when it is not and suggest the type of reform currently proposed is adequate. Once again the elements of the state are guiding a process with out consulting the people and protesters. Today large numbers of protesters rallied in Cairo with just cause, the Egyptian military has acted in bad faith. The people are not being heard as to what they require for a constitution. A constitution is the key, Egyptians showed today they are prepared to fight again. It’s a good sign but the real fight for a constitution in Tunisia and Egypt has just started. The Egyptian military has tried to re-create the old party representative system with some very basic parliamentary reforms. The Egyptian people are asking for enshrined rights and the entire system be changed towards a representative proportional system. They have only a few weeks to work out the frame work and move it forward. I expect more turmoil in Egypt over the coming weeks.

One After Another

In Politic on February 25, 2011 at 8:48 pm

Maybe it’s my timing, but this all seems weird and yet connected, last December Wikileaks was under serious threat from government persecution. Later in December the Arab Revolutions started, first Tunisia, then Egypt and Libya is in full revolt. People in countries like Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain and others are also discovering they have real options and one of them is against the structures that have suppressed them for so long, these protests are against statism. If by looking at the pictures coming out, slogans and other data it’s a secular revolution, no clerics are in charge of the protests. This is an important point and should not be lost on the casual observer, the religious who have backed the state have lost credibility with the people. There is no turning back for the people of Libya, Tripoli is about to fall. Gaddafi may be down to his last few hours or few days, he will not be around much longer as he’s busy digging his own grave. In comparison, Tunisia, Egypt were not as messy as Libya, revolutions are never exact or predictable once unleashed. Each of these revolutions creates an environment for people in other countries who now stand a real chance of success for change. The Saudi Royal family has had to dig deep and promise billions to the people to keep them from revolting. The Saudi royal family is only giving back a little of what it steals each year from the people. Soon the House of Saud will fall, they are desperate and have real fear that the people have out grown Kleptocracy and the Thiefdom. With each of these revolutions humanity is a step closer to a stateless society, each nudging humanity towards freedom.

Break the Cycle, Break the Banks

In Politic on February 24, 2011 at 10:24 pm

There is no real argument, the banks are the root cause of tyranny. The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the US Federal Reserve along with those who control the institutions are criminals. They finance perpetual war, debt slavery, tax slavery and create food shortages for profit. Through out the centuries people were lied to and re-educated to accept the rule and force of the state, this century brings a change. Civilization is now leaving the old methodologies of organizing and a fundamental change is taking place. The ability to communicate freely is supplanting the tyranny of statism. A digital Anarchist society is being built, there is no turning back, our histories are Wiki’d, twittered, facebooked, Googled and otherwise highly available, the future is now. The ability to communicate effectively in real time, over great distances breaking language barriers, the Internet is young, proving to be a social leveler amongst the people and the state is dead. There are no longer needs for Federal Governments, party political systems, direct democracy and new forms of democracy will emerge such as Liquid Democracy, a combination of Direct and Committee based democracy. People no longer need or require the old systems of government or banking. For the two entities are so tied together it’s clearly a fascist plutocracy. Share the ideas of no monetary systems, an end to current banking system, a stateless society with universal freedoms protected for all. This exchange is free of cultural barriers and your fight for freedom is my fight, person to person. The conversation is the beginning of liberty, it’s the beginning of a free exchange. Breaking the banks creates this free exchange, an end to the IMF, World Bank and Federal Reserve. An end to debt slavery, tax slavery and statism. Organize a bank boycott! Lets trash the rotten system of enslavement and servitude, break statism today, break the banks!

Egypt: Starvation, Revolution and the Price of Statism

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Thanks Stefan

Gaddafi Syndicate is Done!

In Politic on February 21, 2011 at 5:37 am

A few hours ago, Saif Gaddafi spoke on Libyan TV (1:00AM) and threatened civil war. He tried to buy off some elements but this was a full out declaration of civil war if any trouble happens in the coming hours. I fear for the people of Libya, the government is run like an organized crime gang with each area or sector supported by a militia. This means co-oping and asking the militias to be professional is difficult. Earlier today AJE reported 200 to 300 dead throughout Libya, the militias and mercenaries are not professional. Hopefully strong elements in the Army or Air Force can deliver a positive solution, similar to Egypt, where a new constitution is being written and the liberation of people to have choice. It’s rumored that an armory in Benghazi has been opened and some militia elements have sided with the protesters. Today the fight is in Tripoli. Both sides appear to be preparing for a clash. Again, the nature of the state is revealed. Statism is dead, people will not be treated like farm animals where state borders are the fencing of human live stock. WE, free range and wild humans demand our freedom. Constitutions will be written, re-written and written again until we, humanity have the basic freedoms. Just get over it, systems of government must evolve or die off. It’s time for the Gaddafi Syndicate to die off!

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Anonymous Saudi News Release

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Message to the Arab world leaders and the international diplomacy.

We stand alongside the revolutionaries in the Arab world. We do not want to influence
your democratic choice. Only you can find your own way !
We want true multicultural democracy for all.
Not one government in the world can lay claim to being a grail of liberty and human rights.
But we, the people insist in human rights.
The right of freedom of expression, how to live, follow any religion or not and all freedoms!!
We want equality for everyone. Equality of education and employment opportunities, a diminishing of the difference between the poor and rich. Self determination for everyone, we want freedom, we want justice and we want our right to live in peace!!

We, the people, will do everything we can for Freedom and Equality in the Arab world!!

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forget
We do not forgive

Expect us

رسالة إلى الحكام العرب والهيئات الدبلوماسية الدولية

نحن نقف إلى جانب الثوار في العالم العربي ولا نريد أن نؤثر على خياراتكم الديموقراطية. أنتم وحدكم تستطيعون تقرير مصيركم بأنفسكم!
نريد ديموقراطية حقيقية ومتعددة الثقافات للجميع.
لا يوجد أي نظام في العالم يستطيع الادعاء بأنه ملاذ للحرية وحقوق الانسان.
بينما نحن، الشعب، نصرّ على حقوق الانسان.
حرية التعبير وحرية العيش واتباع أية ديانة أو لا وكافة الحريات!!
نريد المساواة للجميع. المساواة في فرص التعليم والعمل وتقليص الفوارق بين الفقراء والاغنياء. تقرير المصير للجميع، نحن نريد الحرية ونريد العدالة وحقنا بالعيش في سلام!!

نحن، الشعب، سوف نفعل كل ما نستطيع فعله من أجل الحرية والمساواة في العالم العربي!!

نحن المجهولون “أنونيموس”
نحن فيلق
نحن لا ننسى
نحن لا نسامح

توقعوا مجيئنا

Manifesto for Saudi Arabia

American and European administrations for the past four decades sacrificed human rights ideals for the sake of stability, continuity and oil in one of the world’s most volatile regions.
The region was make dependent from Israel and on the same way without any giveback .?!!

In same time, the stability of Israeli government was the sole interest with oil; nothing was done for palestinians. Nothing was done against poorness and for peace in Middle East. The West was egoist and thought to long just about himself and his ally Israel. Bytheway it provoced radical islamistic … !!
It could not be, that every politic in this region was made dependant of Israeli government and interests of the West . on the same way without any giveback or counterpart !!

The authorities in Saudi Arabia are unelected, unaccountable, and corruption is alleged on an epic scale.The Wahhabi sect dominates the country, even the royal family! They become richer and richer by oil and being fortress of america in the arabic region!

Its members are all the time in streets with sticks to force people to join in prayer;
to control women and see if they show some of their bodies centimettres! If they are
alone because it is forbidden!

All Saudi people are not rich, this is propaganda, many people in the South and East regions still poor. In recent years the price of oil has surged, and the rulers have become more opulent than ever. But they are less inclined to share the wealth now that the population has reached 25 million than they were in 1980, when there were only 10 million.

We can add foreign workers who are treated like slaves: They have no right to keep their passports with them and so on…
Society is tightly controlled. Everything is subject to censorship. The police have absolute and arbitrary power.

The government is adept at using repression, propaganda, tribal networks and patronage to divide and weaken any opposition. State-backed clerics have denounced the Egyptian and Tunisian protesters, and issued fatwas against anything similar in Saudi Arabia.

[ CIA take part of revolution in iran . why . witch real interessed behind ?
the saudi king have taken old presidents in its protection Ben Ali. Saudi Arabia had been the refuge of another notorious dictator, Idi Amin. ]

We know that if we attack Saudi Arabia we also attack International Companies interests, but we are ready to do it for justice, freedom and peace!!

المملكة العربية السعودية هي أحد أكبر حلفاء الولايات المتحدة في المنطقة، وذلك بالطبع من أجل النفط والمال والخدمات العسكرية التي يوفرها هذا البلد كقاعدة متقدمة لما يفترض أنه عالم الديموقراطية!!

هذا ما يجعل الولايات المتحدة تغض النظر عن القمع وفقدان الحريات في المملكة.

ضحت الإدارة الأميركية والبلدان الأوروبية خلال العقود الأربع الماضية بالمثل المتعلقة بحقوق الانسان من أجل الاسقرار والاستمرارية والنفط في إحدى أكثر مناطق العالم اضطرابا.

وفي الوقت ذاته، أصبح الاستقرار في اسرائيل المصلحة الوحيدة لتلك البلدان بالإضافة للنفط؛ ولم يتم تحقيق أي شيء للشعب الفلسطيني. لم يتم تحقيق أي شيء للفقر وللسلام في الشرق الأوسط. اتصف الغرب خلال هذه العقود بالأنانية ولم يفكر لفترات طويلة إلاً بصالحه ومصالح حليفته اسرائيل. وقد أدى ذلك إلى تحفيز الاتجاهات الاسلامية المتطرفة…!!

ليس من المعقول أن تكون كل السياسات في هذه المنطقة مشروطة بمصلحة اسرائيل والمصالح الغربية، ودون أي مقابل!!

السلطات السعودية ليست منتخبة ولا تخضع لأية رقابة من الشعب كما أن الفساد متفش على نطاق ملحمي.

تسيطر الحركة الوهابية على كافة قطاعات البلد، وحتى على العائلة الملكية!! وقد أصبح القائمون عليها أكثر وأكثر ثراءً بفضل البترول كما تحولت السعودية إلى قلعة أميركية في المنطقة!!

يتجول عناصر هذه المجموعة في الشوارع حاملين العصي لإجبار الناس على الالتحاق بالصلاة؛ ولمراقبة النساء فيما إذا أظهرت إحداهن بضع سنتمترات من جسدها أو إذا كانت تتجول لوحدها، لأن ذلك ممنوع!!

الشعب السعودي ليس كله من الأثرياء، إنها دعاية، لا يزال العديد من أبناء المناطق الشرقية والجنوبية في حالة فقر. في السنوات الأخيرة، قفز سعر النفط إلى مستويات عالية وأصبح الحكام أكثر تبطراً من أي وقت مضى. غير أنهم أقل استعداداً لمقاسمة الثروات مع السكان الذين وصل عددهم إلى 25 مليون نسمة، بينما لم يكن سوى 10 مليون في عام 1980.

يمكننا أن نضيف إلى ذلك العمال الأجانب الذين يعاملون كالعبيد: حيث لا يحق لهم الاحتفاظ بجوازاتهم وما إلى ذلك من قيود…

الفجوة بين الأغنياء والفقراء هائلة وهي لا تزال تتسع، كما تستمر نسبة البطالة بمتوسط 10 بالمئة منذ سنوات.

يخضع المجتمع السعودي لرقابة مشددة وكل شيء معرض للمنع. تتمتع الشرطة والفرق الوهابية بسلطات مطلقة وتعسفية.
اعتاد النظام السعودي وبرع في استخدام القمع والدعاية والعلاقات العشائرية والمحسوبية لتقسيم واضعاف أية معارضة. ندد رجال الدين التابعين للسلطة بالمتظاهرين في تونس ومصر وقد اطلقوا فتاوى لمنع حصول أية حركة من نفس النوع في السعودية.
ملاحظة: وكالة المخابرات المركزية الأميركية تشارك في الثورة الإيرانية. لماذا؟ ما هي مصالحها وراء ذلك؟ لقد أدخل الملك السعودي رؤساء دول سابقين في حمايته… مثل بن علي، وقد شكلت المملكة السعودية ملجأً لدكتاتور شهير آخر، هو عيدي أمين.
نعرف أن مهاجمة المملكة العربية السعودية هي بمثابة تهجم على مصالح الشركات العالمية، لكننا مستعدون لذلك من أجل العدالة والحرية والسلام!!
المجهولون “أنونيموس”
نحن فيلق
نحن لا ننسى
نحن لا نسامح

توقعوا مجيئنا


Manifiesto por Arabia Saudita

Arabia Saudita es uno de los mayores aliados de los Estados Unidos, por supuesto, por petróleo, dinero y servicios militares que este país ofrece como base para una supuesta democracia.

Por este motivo, los Estados Unidos de América apartan la vista ante la represión y falta de libertad que sufre este país.Durante los últimos años, las administraciones americana y europea han sacrificado los ideales de derechos humanos en beneficio de la estabilidad, continuidad y petróleo en una de las regiones más volátiles del mundo.

Al mismo tiempo, la estabilidad de Israel sólo se perseguía por intereses en el petróleo; no se hizo nada por los palestinos. No se hizo nada contra la pobreza y en pro de la paz en Oriente Medio. Occidente ha sido egoísta y durante mucho tiempo tan sólo ha pensado en sí mismo y en su aliado Israel. ¡Provocando, por cierto, a los islamistas radicales…!
¡No podía ser que todos los políticos de esta región dependiesen de Israel y de los intereses occidentales, sin ninguna contrapartida!

Las autoridades en Arabia Saudita no son elegidas en las urnas, sobre ellas no se ejerce control, y la corrupción alcanza niveles épicos.

La subsecta Wahhabi domina el país, ¡incluso a la familia real! Se han vuelto cada vez más ricos gracias al petróleo y por ser la fortaleza de América en la región árabe.

Sus miembros están permanentemente en las calles con palos para forzar a la gente a unirse a los rezos; para controlar a las mujeres y ver si acaso muentras algún centrímetro de sus cuerpos; para controlar si están solas, porque está prohibido.

No todos los saudíes son ricos; esta idea es mera propaganda. Mucha gente, en las regiones del Sur y del Este es pobre. En los últimos años, el precio del crudo ha aumentado, y los gobernantes se han vuelto más opulentos que nunca. Pero están menos inclinados que antes a compartir esa riqueza ahora que la población ha alcanzado los 25 millones, cuando en 1980 eran tan sólo 10 millones.

Podemos añadir trabajadores estrangeros que son tratados como esclavos: No tienen derecho mantener consigo sus pasaportes, etc.

La brecha entre los ricos y los pobres es enorme, y va en aumento. El porcentaje de desempleo se ha mantenido en torno al 10% durante años.

La sociedad está férreamente controlada. Todo está sujeto a censura. La policía y la secta Wahhabi tienen poder absoluto, y lo ejercen de forma arbitraria.

El gobierno es un adepto del uso de la represión, la propaganda, la división tribal y el patronazgo para dividir y debilitar cualquier clase de oposición. Clérigos respaldados por el estado han denunciado a los manifestantes egipcios y tunecinos, y ha emitido fatwas (un pronunciamiento legal en el Islam, emitido por un especialista en ley religiosa sobre una cuestión específica) contra cualquier suceso similar en Arabia Saudita.

Detalles abiertos. la CIA toma parte en la revolución en Irán . ¿Por qué? ¿Cuáles son los verdaderos intereses que se esconden detrás? El rey saudí ha acogido a los anteriores presidentes bajo su protección… como en el caso de Ben Ali. Arabia Saudita ha sido también el refugio de otro dictador notable, Idi Amin.

¡Sabemos que si atacamos Arabia Saudita, también atacamos los intereses de las grandes corporaciones internacionales, pero estamos preparados para hacerlos por la justicia, la libertad y la paz!


Somos Anónimos.
Somos Legión.
No olvidamos.
No perdonamos.


News – Libya

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للتوزيع فوراً


This is Telecomix. We come in peace. We are trying to help with providing every means of communications available. Please distribute this information to all those who are in need of free communication.
نحن تيليكوميكس، نأتيكم بسلام. نحن نحاول مساعدتكم بتقديم أي من وسائل الاتصال المتوفرة. يرجى توزيع هذه المعلومات لكل الراغبين بالحصول على امكانية اتصال مجاني.
### INTERNET DIAL-IN INFORMATION / (translated heading)###
معلومات للوصول إلى الإنترنت

Use the information below together with a 56K dial-up modem to access the Internet without any censorship.
استخدم المعلومات الموجودة أدناه مع مودم 56 كيلوبايت
للوصول إلى شبكة الإنترنت بدون رقابة
15 lines provided by in Germany:
free.deيوفر 15 خطاً من ألمانيا

NUMBER: +49 231 97844321 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +49 231 97844321      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
USERNAME: telecomix
PASSWORD: telecomix

30 lines provided by French Data Network (FDN) in France:
FDN شبكة المعلومات الفرنسية توفر 30 خطاً

NUMBER: +33 1 72 89 01 50 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +33 1 72 89 01 50      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

If you are successful in connecting, visit and let us know!(translate)
إذا نجحتم بالاتصال، يرجى زيارة الموقع التالي واعلامنا بحضوركم


Call this number and record a message, your voice is converted to text and published online. (translate)
اتصل عبر الأرقام التالية واقرأ رسالة، سوف يتحول صوتك إلى نص ويتم نشره على الإنترنت
Google Speak2Tweet: +442033185414 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +442033185414      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, +390662207294 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +390662207294      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, +16504194196 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +16504194196      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

### UPCOMING ANNOUNCEMENTS / (translated heading)####
الاعلانات القادمة
Telecomix is providing proxy and darknet connections after the internet is restored completly. Please join us at to get your encrypted connection.

تقدم امكانيات اتصل عبر البروكسي والداركنت بعد استعادة شبكة الإنترنت كليا. يرجى الانضمام إلينا على الموقع التالي للحصول على كيفية الاتصال عبر الشفرة

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