Revolutions Worth Cheering!

In Politic on February 18, 2011 at 5:11 am

The latest revolts in the North Africa and the Arab world are just beginning, Libya, Yemen, Algeria and several other countries as of today. Tunisia is still wrestling with the development of a new Constitution as is Egypt after the popular revolutions, no one is turning back. It’s seen by the people, the opportunity to dissolve statism is now. Kingdoms, theocracies, plutocracies, dictatorships of all flavors, your days on Earth are numbered! Peoples desire for freedom will never be suppressed. Today in Persia, the Iranian people are fighting against a cruel criminal theocracy. People are dieing for their right to life, a new human awakening is beginning, the culture of the Middle East is changing forever. This change is for secularism, free expression, free association and a free press. This opportunity must not be wasted, it is incumbent that everyone who cares for the human condition help endorse ideas that will positively affect humanity. In each of these revolutions and the subsequent revolutions stand a chance of getting it right, and if people think, careful, people thinking leads to Anarchy, they (we) might have a chance of creating the first successful modern anarcho-syndicalist society on the planet. Ok, I admit, I am an idealist, only because I know it’s possible. Join the


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