Operation Libya

In Politic on February 19, 2011 at 6:38 pm

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(Anonymous calls for the liberation of Libya)

As you are no doubt aware, the good and brave Libyan people have called for the end to 42 years of dictatorship. Anonymous supports this call for freedom, and wishes a peaceful transition to democracy – noting that Tunisia and Egypt were relatively peaceful, and we hope that this can be repeated in Libya.

Unfortunately not all uprisings end on such a happy note, as we saw on June 4, 1989 when the Chinese dictatorship slaughtered hundreds of youth singing songs in Tiananmen Square.

Anonymous is also aware that the Libyan people are desperate for victory and some have been requesting international assistance – although they haven’t specified exactly what they want. Anonymous believes that it is appropriate to seriously answer their request for assistance, in the absence of any international leaders suggesting anything at all.

We wish to emphasize that Anonymous does not approve of violence, does not want to see civil war, does not want to see death. We want to see a peaceful regime change.

Having said that, we are also aware of the harsh realities of dictators desperate to cling to power, troops scared of their own people, and the constant presences of automatic weapons. Not only that, but indications are that Gaddafi has hired foreign mercenaries to slaughter the Libyan people with those weapons. Given that foreigners are already using force in Libya, against the Libyan people, Anonymous believes that foreign mercenaries should not be the deciding factor that causes Gaddafi to remain in power.

Anonymous would not be opposed to a very limited – and of very short duration – Tunisian-led, Egyptian-backed military incursion aimed purely at defeating the foreign mercenaries, so that the brave people of Libya do not have that additional burden to bear. The exact form of such intervention can be left to the professional militaries of both countries. In particular Anonymous would like to applaud the head of the Tunisian military – Rashid Ammar – for risking his personal security by refusing to fire on Tunisian demonstrators. We believe that this man can be trusted for this very limited take down of foreign mercenaries operating in Libya.

End of message.



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