Gaddafi Syndicate is Done!

In Politic on February 21, 2011 at 5:37 am

A few hours ago, Saif Gaddafi spoke on Libyan TV (1:00AM) and threatened civil war. He tried to buy off some elements but this was a full out declaration of civil war if any trouble happens in the coming hours. I fear for the people of Libya, the government is run like an organized crime gang with each area or sector supported by a militia. This means co-oping and asking the militias to be professional is difficult. Earlier today AJE reported 200 to 300 dead throughout Libya, the militias and mercenaries are not professional. Hopefully strong elements in the Army or Air Force can deliver a positive solution, similar to Egypt, where a new constitution is being written and the liberation of people to have choice. It’s rumored that an armory in Benghazi has been opened and some militia elements have sided with the protesters. Today the fight is in Tripoli. Both sides appear to be preparing for a clash. Again, the nature of the state is revealed. Statism is dead, people will not be treated like farm animals where state borders are the fencing of human live stock. WE, free range and wild humans demand our freedom. Constitutions will be written, re-written and written again until we, humanity have the basic freedoms. Just get over it, systems of government must evolve or die off. It’s time for the Gaddafi Syndicate to die off!

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