Break the Cycle, Break the Banks

In Politic on February 24, 2011 at 10:24 pm

There is no real argument, the banks are the root cause of tyranny. The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the US Federal Reserve along with those who control the institutions are criminals. They finance perpetual war, debt slavery, tax slavery and create food shortages for profit. Through out the centuries people were lied to and re-educated to accept the rule and force of the state, this century brings a change. Civilization is now leaving the old methodologies of organizing and a fundamental change is taking place. The ability to communicate freely is supplanting the tyranny of statism. A digital Anarchist society is being built, there is no turning back, our histories are Wiki’d, twittered, facebooked, Googled and otherwise highly available, the future is now. The ability to communicate effectively in real time, over great distances breaking language barriers, the Internet is young, proving to be a social leveler amongst the people and the state is dead. There are no longer needs for Federal Governments, party political systems, direct democracy and new forms of democracy will emerge such as Liquid Democracy, a combination of Direct and Committee based democracy. People no longer need or require the old systems of government or banking. For the two entities are so tied together it’s clearly a fascist plutocracy. Share the ideas of no monetary systems, an end to current banking system, a stateless society with universal freedoms protected for all. This exchange is free of cultural barriers and your fight for freedom is my fight, person to person. The conversation is the beginning of liberty, it’s the beginning of a free exchange. Breaking the banks creates this free exchange, an end to the IMF, World Bank and Federal Reserve. An end to debt slavery, tax slavery and statism. Organize a bank boycott! Lets trash the rotten system of enslavement and servitude, break statism today, break the banks!


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