One After Another

In Politic on February 25, 2011 at 8:48 pm

Maybe it’s my timing, but this all seems weird and yet connected, last December Wikileaks was under serious threat from government persecution. Later in December the Arab Revolutions started, first Tunisia, then Egypt and Libya is in full revolt. People in countries like Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain and others are also discovering they have real options and one of them is against the structures that have suppressed them for so long, these protests are against statism. If by looking at the pictures coming out, slogans and other data it’s a secular revolution, no clerics are in charge of the protests. This is an important point and should not be lost on the casual observer, the religious who have backed the state have lost credibility with the people. There is no turning back for the people of Libya, Tripoli is about to fall. Gaddafi may be down to his last few hours or few days, he will not be around much longer as he’s busy digging his own grave. In comparison, Tunisia, Egypt were not as messy as Libya, revolutions are never exact or predictable once unleashed. Each of these revolutions creates an environment for people in other countries who now stand a real chance of success for change. The Saudi Royal family has had to dig deep and promise billions to the people to keep them from revolting. The Saudi royal family is only giving back a little of what it steals each year from the people. Soon the House of Saud will fall, they are desperate and have real fear that the people have out grown Kleptocracy and the Thiefdom. With each of these revolutions humanity is a step closer to a stateless society, each nudging humanity towards freedom.


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