Egypts Constitutional Debate

In Politic on February 26, 2011 at 7:12 pm

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Books: Judge Ahmed, Ahmed Sharif

Has the Constitutional Commission in charge of amending the constitutional articles under the chairmanship of Justice Tarek El Bushra, of the constitutional amendments proposed Taadillagha.

The Chancellor announced the human Chairman of the Committee to amend the constitution, in a press conference held on Saturday, from the articles of the Constitution (after Taadillagha) is as follows:

– Article 75: President of the Republic to stipulate that the candidate must be of Egyptian nationality and Egyptian parents and not be married to foreign women.

Article 76: The President is elected by universal free direct and secret is required to accept the nomination to support the applicant for nomination 30 members of the People’s Assembly and Shura Council or that the candidate receives the support of at least 30 thousand citizens have the right to vote in 15 counties at least so that not less than a thousand supporters in every province, in all cases may not support more than one candidate.

– Article 77: The presidential term of 4 years and only the president has once again Altrchik only (consecutive).

Article 88: The law defines the conditions to be met by members of the People’s Council and the provisions of the election and the referendum and the Graduate Committee is responsible for the formation of a full judicial supervision of elections and the referendum from the registration table the election until the announcement of the result.

Article 93: The powers of the Supreme Constitutional Court to adjudicate in the health office of members of parliament and made appeals to the Court within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of announcement of election results and the Court shall decide the appeal within 90 days, and membership is void from the date of notification of the People’s Court’s decision.

– Article 139: The President of the Republic the appointment of a vice president within 60 days from the beginning of his presidency, and the same applies to the Attorney-conditions for the election of the President.

Article 148: President declares state of emergency in the manner prescribed in the law and this Declaration must be presented to the Council of the People during the seven days following the decision upon it if the declaration was not in session and the obligatory role of the Council’s invitation to convene immediately to show it.

If the parliament is dissolved on the command displays the new council at its first meeting. Must be approved by a majority of members of the Council to declare a state of emergency, and in all cases, the declaration of a state of emergency for a period not exceeding 6 months may not be extended until after the referendum of the people.

– Article 179: Cancellation of the Terrorism Act.

– Article 189: Article has been added to allow her to change the constitution and prepare another constitution in full.

– Article: 189 (bis): Meeting of the People’s Assembly and Shura Council after the elections and the formation of a founding committee to prepare a new constitution for the country.

– Article 189 (bis 1): The Shura Council is meeting its members elected only until the appointment of President of the Republic and sets the other third of its members.

The present constitutional articles modified to the Supreme Council of the armed forces will then be presented to the people for a referendum.


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