Egyptian Revolution Constitution

In Politic on February 26, 2011 at 6:03 pm

Reform, I hate that word. I am more at ease with incrementalism when it comes to political change and the human condition. I listened to AJE, the reporters and commentators siding with statism, suggestions that constitutional change in Egypt is moving ahead when it is not and suggest the type of reform currently proposed is adequate. Once again the elements of the state are guiding a process with out consulting the people and protesters. Today large numbers of protesters rallied in Cairo with just cause, the Egyptian military has acted in bad faith. The people are not being heard as to what they require for a constitution. A constitution is the key, Egyptians showed today they are prepared to fight again. It’s a good sign but the real fight for a constitution in Tunisia and Egypt has just started. The Egyptian military has tried to re-create the old party representative system with some very basic parliamentary reforms. The Egyptian people are asking for enshrined rights and the entire system be changed towards a representative proportional system. They have only a few weeks to work out the frame work and move it forward. I expect more turmoil in Egypt over the coming weeks.


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