Arab Enlightenment

In Politic on March 10, 2011 at 9:10 pm

The revolutions in the Arab world are changing the perceptions of ill-informed Westerners who have believed the media thinking that the Arab people are not ready for pluralism, democracy and human rights. The fact is on the ground the people have spoken in Egypt, Tunisia and the current fight in Libya proves the time for change is now. Today, the French Prime Minister, Nicolas Sarkozy has made a bold move to recognize the Libyan revolutionary movement as the legitimate government of the Libyan people. It’s not surprising that the USA and most other western countries are not prepared to take any real steps to recognize the fact that the Gaddafi regime is over. The USA and its allies are at a loss to explain their position other than to say it is nothing short of hypocrisy. The Obama administration has been late in its hollow statements of support in each of these revolutions and the fact is they have essentially been silent on the many massacres of innocent civilians by the dictators they still support throughout the region. The USA is deeply worried that the end has come to the statism of dictatorships across the Arab world. They should be worried, the old influence of the West is over, the US plutocracy and empire will have to deal fairly with people of the Arab world or be completely rejected. Not surprising, the rhetoric and the lies from Gaddafi in Libya and the USA are remarkable because of their similarity, when things are not going as ‘they’  like, both blame the same mythological beast, al Qaeda. The criminal syndicate al Qaeda is also filled with fear, similar to the West, they are losing political ground when people reject their propaganda in favor of truths on the ground. Nothing could be better for the human condition to reject US hegemony and the theocratic fascism offered by al Qaeda. It is a new beginning, a chance for the Arab world to wipe the slate clean and possibly make a new standard for a free society that we in the West may look up to. I wish them and support the people with all my might. It is necessary to fight hard against an oligarchy that is well entrenched and knows that a state that fights survives, however, people who fight for freedom and co-op the forces of human spirit, Win!


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