Rally for Bradley Manning, March 20/2011

In Politic on March 10, 2011 at 10:32 pm

The permit has been obtained for the rally in Quantico, Va. for March 20, 2011. The Bradley Manning support network will be there as well as a solid contingent of  ‘anonymous’ supporter will attend the rally. The Pentagon has shown its nervousness over this by asking the FBI for assistance investigating a perceived threat from Anonymous to attack the with a denial of service attack. This is nothing short of a waste of time by the FBI. The FBI will not find or catch anyone breaking a law because they do not have the resources to stop such an act or spend enough resources collecting logs from ISP’s around the world. More importantly, the psyops against the USMC Quantico jailers has begun. They jailers will never get out from under the spotlight they created for themselves by torturing Mr. Manning. USMC jailer Denise Barnes has been singled out along with several others for their direct action of torture. It seems they have lost any ‘American’ values if they ever had any to begin with, let us not forget Mr. Manning is innocent until proven guilty, the courts have not spoken a word on this matter. The only thing the courts have done thus far is to keep Mr. Manning from having his rights to a fair and speedy trail. So, the courts have denied him his basic rights and therefore we can expect that the courts will be completely biased against him. A chance for a fair trial is slipping away everyday that there is no movement by the justice system and thus the justice system has no credibility. If Mr. Manning is prosecuted in a USMC kangaroo court this will do nothing more than divide the nation further. The way the US government treats its own people confirms the obvious, the empire is failing on several fronts, the US dollar is being dumped worldwide as the reserve currency, the US dollar is becoming worthless, the US debt is out of control and a the US Federal government has no credibility as shown by the Wikleaks CableGate matter. It is encouraging to see the protests in Wisconsin for labor and democratic rights, possibly these will spread across the nation and it will be the beginning of a new USA, a nation that respects the law instead of flaunting it.  I mention the coming fall of the US empire because it is a factor in the Bradley Manning case. His treatment is symptomatic of the entire system that is oppressing the people of the USA with the most effective propaganda machine the world has ever seen. Please support Bradley Manning on March 20th and  NMAP the shit out of the Quantico USMC network, phone phreak the base with ‘polite’ discussion and statements and show up to the rally in Quantico, Va. All of the suggested actions are perfectly legal and will make the folks at USMC nervous. These efforts will encourage Bradley Manning in the fight for his life.

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