Fukushima Nuclear Crisis

In Politic on March 17, 2011 at 4:23 pm

The Fukushima nuclear crisis has been brought on by the lies and deceit from the entire nuclear industry, primarily blame can be laid on the Japanese Government and the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). Problems were immediate at the TEPCO Daiichi plant right from the time of the earthquake (Friday, March 11, 2011 at 05:46:23 UTC) and forward. Within minutes a 7.3+meter tsunami swamped the plant and killed the backup power supply rendering the plant dead. It was 24hours before the world started to get any idea that a catastrophe was in the making. Approximately 72 hours after the earthquake TEPCO abandoned the plant.  Today (about 12hours ago) they attempted to douse the meltdown with helicopter drops of water. The helicopter drops were for the cameras, it was a pathetic attempt to douse a nuclear meltdown with water. I have seen firefighters in the Rocky Mountains risk more and try harder to put out a forest fire, the Japanese effort was nothing short of feeble. The incompetence and obfuscation of responsibility continued with a half hearted attempt to send in the Tokyo metro riot police with their water cannon. This failed because the area is to radioactive and simply not approachable. To further underscore the problem with the Fukushima Daiichi plant the US 7th fleet who’s nuclear powered aircraft carrier has experts and nuclear safety suits left the area after some crew were exposed. So, it appears Japan has quit in its incompetent effort to squelch any further meltdown and is asking for support from elsewhere in the world to come and save them from their own undoing. The longer these several reactors smoulder it is going to get worse. Humanity is left with no option other than to ask people to sacrifice themselves to control the nuclear fuels. To me it is straight forward, gather the executives of TEPCO (and any other pro-nuke shill) and make them clean this up today at any cost.

Update: 0400 3/17/2011

Beginning at (0500utc) 2:00pm Japan Local Time water pump trucks from the local area airport authorities and fire departments will lend there best hardware, skill and ultimately their lives to pump water on the Fukushima Daiichi Reactors and fuel ponds. This watering effort is timed with the TEPCO effort to get a 6.7kva power cable to the facility.

Update 1730 utc 3/19/2011

Electrical cable has been connected to Diaichi reactor #1 and #2. The  Tokyo Fire Department is preparing a massive water delivery to the spent fuel rod pools.  Tokyo Fire Department workers interviewed who were at the Daiichi nuclear plant were exhausted. High radiation exposure likely. TEPCO electrical workers are active in restoring power to the Daiichi power plant.


16:10 utc – 3/23/2011

I have received a negative comment by assessing blame on TEPCO and the Japanese government. Yes, blame. It is called the ‘normalcy bias’, when one may say, “I never expected that to happen”, when the unexpected happens. In this case TEPCO and the Japanese governments know that within the life span of a nuclear power plant it will be subjected to extreme conditions. They build these plants next to the ocean in the most highly active geological zone on Earth. The nuclear fuel itself has a half-life measured in 10,000’s of years. The syndicates who build nuclear power plants know that 9.0 earthquake is likely over of time, thus the likelihood of a great tsunami is equally great. There is no excuse, these large scale seismic events are a constant on Earth. Better planning and better preparedness is necessary because there will be another large earthquake on the Pacific ring of fire. The normalcy bias regarding earthquakes, weather and other such Geo changes can never be an excuse for a highly engineered, complex and expensive technology. Those involved in engineering nuclear power plants must expect the worse case scenario over the life span of a nuclear power plant, no excuses. Now, I would like to find out if solar, wind and geothermal combined can compete with nuclear power?  Has anyone calculated the long term cost of the Fukushima partial meltdown that still smolders? How many square kilometers are abandoned Fukushima prefecture? How much wind, solar power and geothermal power could be created in the abandoned radioactive land in the Fukushima Prefecture? How many more nuclear disasters does the world need to understand that nuclear power is old and unnecessary technology? Lastly, if you want your comment published on my blog, which I would like to do, do not start and end by insulting me. Just make your point and have a discourse. Thanks.


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