Operation Sony

In Politic on April 6, 2011 at 9:18 pm

It appears the Sony corporation has been trying to persecute several free speech advocates and Anonymous hacktivists have responded. This is going to be a fight Sony will never win. Anonymous has the capacity to carry this out over any length of time Sony chooses. Anonymous has complete asymmetric superiority in its tool kit. It is my opinion Sony best cede its stance on this issue and understand that its products will be hacked to pieces in perpetuity. You can not stop human curiosity and the free exchange of knowledge. These are basic human rights, to exchange ideas, share knowledge and free speech. As this story, #OpSony is already more than a week old I will add the occasional update as the battle will ‘likely’ escalate.



As of 04/27/2011 Sony’s PlayStation shit is in near ruin. Do not fuck with Anonymous. Stop the persecution of the curious. Drop all charges. No compromise, no negotiations, do not fuck with Anonymous!


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