Arab Popular Revolts and Counter Revolutionary Forces That Oppose Them

In Politic on April 23, 2011 at 6:42 pm

The Egyptian revolution and the Tunisian revolution have an interesting history. Within the context of; How did the protest by suicide death of a street vendor in Tunisia spark an open revolt on the governing forces? What connections to the Egyptian revolution are there, if any? As the legitimate forces, the people of these countries responded and overthrew the ruling autocracy with a popular revolution. The counter revolutions by the statists, with new figure heads or dictators in waiting, they plan to keep control under the cloak of impartial broker between the old regimes forces and the people. This counter revolution is completely unsatisfactory to the people. The people want real change and not some artificial state. Again, protestors are organizing and building momentum in Cairo. Again, the state is using brute force to intimidate and establish ‘their’ rule. As the fight for human rights continues in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and the rest of the Arab world in revolt, the questions that remain are ominous in light of the evidence. Here is a video that looks at some of these questions, it’s fast paced and hits on some facts that are not well known. It illustrates how outside forces are used to undermine peoples sentiments and manipulate popular revolutions. Thanks to Anarchitext @ YouTube for making this video possible.

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