Cyber War

Cyber War is not just for nation states, you can do it too.

For the newbie;

You need to minimize your forensic foot print! Use a separate computer running Linux or Unix.  Knowledge is key, learn Linux, there are thousands of people who will help you for free. Use Internet Relay Chat (irc) and find the community. I prefer Debian Linux, there are many different flavors of Linux, all will work. Use a bootable USB pen drive edition of Linux. The best offense is a good defense. Use a firewall. Use Encryption. When running your cyber weapon, no personal use, no exceptions.  Learn how to spoof your MAC and IP address. Learn to use and build Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Proxy Servers. Do your research, experiment, trial and error is the key to your success. Again, many will help you succeed, many want you to succeed, however, cover your tracks, be anonymous. It’s one thing to have the capability to take down a network, it’s another thing to use it! Think before you act. The links below are a guide to the community. Good Luck.

Links: – North america, all linked. GIANT list of sites – Chaos Computer Club


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